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  • Mark Wurtz

We are in Nicaragua after a SIX DAY JOURNEY!

Well last night we made it to Nicaragua and are happy to be here! We had an epic journey of 5000 KMs in our Transit Van from Rosthern to Miami - yes a road trip from Rosthern to the other side of the continent. Candace and I were driving and we had our interns, Nat, Declan, Matt, Madyx, Genie, and Amy. It was an amazing experience, a fun time driving through nine states and making some great stops.

On the first day, we were able to stop in a Winkler Bible Camp and were hosted for a supper. So great of Dale Wiebe and staff to connect with some weary travellers and give us a boost of energy. Later that evening we crossed the US border and for some, stepped into the United States for the first time. We stay at AirBNBs and cooked our own food the whole trip (besides one stop at Chick-fil-a and the three meals that were prepared for us at some stops).

Day two was a twelve hour drive through North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and then Illinois for night. We kept the game that was started last year by Cassidy and looked for Windmills. The first one who spotted a windmill gets a point with Amy destroying everyone else on the way down. We have also been working through a devotional by Skye Jethani that is using Martin Luther King Jr's sermons.

On the third day, we passed over the great Mississippi River THREE times and also made a pitstop at a Corn Maze in Tennessee call Honeysuckle Hills Farm. Jeff Alsup is the owner and he came fishing in Saskatchewan with us in June. So now we have both seen each others Corn Mazes. They provided a great supper for us and we enjoyed exploring their yard. We then went through Nashville, drove on Broadway and heard the next great Country Bands performing as we drove by, what an experience.

On Sunday, we drove to Atlanta, went to Andy Stanley's church North Point, and then stopped at the Church Martin Luther King Jr was Associate Pastor at. So much information there at the National Historical Park and grave site. We heard a great conversation between a tour guide and a retired couple who were African American (one was a police officer and the other a veteran). So valuable.

On Monday we were able to stop and see Amy's grandparents in Gainesville, Florida. We had a great southern lunch of Fried Chicken and toured the University of Florida, given by Amy's grandfather, a retired professor of Agriculture. We also saw some Alligators on a walk close by.

The last day before our flight to Nicaragua was spend driving to Miami and checking out a beach close by. We made it - 5000KM Road trip was a success.

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