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the 3E internship 

The 3E Internship Program aims to Equip, Empower, and Extend young adults in their faith, leadership skills, and ministry. Our mission is to develop servant leaders who will make a positive impact on their communities and the world. Interns participate as apprentices, through a method of teaching and learning based on role modeling.

Spiritual Formation 


Designed to guide interns in a purposeful and transformative journey of deepening their spiritual growth, rooted in the teachings of Jesus.

Servant Leadership


Designed to cultivate servant leaders who prioritize serving others, promote humility, and create a sense of community and purpose.



Designed to prepare participants for effective cross-cultural and community outreach, allowing them to share Christ's love and make a positive impact

one of a kind program

Prepare for an extraordinary year! Be part of a summer camp ministry with a rich history. 

Explore multiple countries, be involved with learning and discussion, worship & spiritual guidance, fundraising strategies, adventurous excursions, sacred historic sites exploration, cultural exchange, work & spiritual Growth and lot more.

Our Mission

The 3E Internship Program is an integral part of the Youth Farm Bible Camp & Mission Centre. Interns will be deeply involved in every aspect of the summer camp ministry, gaining hands-on experience in camp operations, leadership, and spiritual guidance. Additionally, interns will participate in various work projects and other programs offered at YFBC, such as the Corn Maze in the fall, equine therapy sessions, and community outreach projects. This diverse involvement ensures that interns gain a comprehensive understanding of ministry work and develop a wide range of skills applicable to future endeavors.

Testimonies & Expectations
Matthew Knelsen
Madyx Tanner
Declan Midgett
Natalie Milman
Amy Funk
Genie Dirpaul

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6 Mennonite Nursing Home Road, Rosthern, SK

306 232-5133

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