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Vision & Mission

The 3E Internship Program aims to Equip, Empower, and Extend young adults in their faith, leadership skills, and ministry. Our mission is to develop servant leaders who will make a positive impact on their communities and the world. Interns participate as apprentices, through a method of teaching and learning based on role modeling.


Program Structure

The program runs from September 1st to August 31st, offering a blend of spiritual growth, leadership development, and mission work. Interns will participate in local and international missions, leadership workshops, and spiritual retreats.


September to October: Corn Maze

November to June: Trips, Classes, Reading, Retreats, Canoe Trips, Spiritual Direction, Worship/Prayer, Work Experience, and more.

June to August: Summer Camp




Spiritual Growth: Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Servant Leadership: Learn and practice leadership based on biblical principles.

Missions Emphasis: Get hands-on in local and international mission work

Diverse Learning: Engage with a robust curriculum that includes an in-depth study of scripture, leadership workshops, and mentorship

Long-Term Impact: Develop skills and values that can carry into future ministry and leadership roles.

Benefits & Support

Housing: Provided for the duration of the internship

Monthly Stipend:

September to June: $650 per month

July and August: Senior Staff payment of $120 per day


Fundraising Component

Each intern is required to raise $7,000 to support their trips. The program will provide strategies to help interns achieve their fundraising goals. The funds will be allocated as follows: $5,000 for the Nicaragua Trip ($1,500 for travel, $2,000 for living and work expenses, and $1,500 for overall ministry), $1,500 for the Mexico Trip, and $500 for additional conferences and retreats.



Coming Soon

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