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Aha! Adventures 2022 in Review

Our new canoe program, Aha! Adventures had a successful second season this year. We were able to run 9 trips and 2 canoe instructional programs. We explored as far as the Wind River in the Yukon, a canoe course in Alberta and on the Frenchman River in southern Saskatchewan. We did spend most of our time in northern Sask and enjoyed the Churchill River system and paddled the Geike River farther north.

We continued to offer two types of trips. Aha! Adventure trips focused on wilderness tripping, canoe skills and exploring. The Deep Adventure trips included those elements, with the focus on getting deeper with God in creation.

A highlight of our Aha! Adventure trips, was a full trip on the Wind River in the Yukon. It is a trip with crystal clear water, stunning mountain scenery and we had lots of time to hike and explore. On the trip we encountered high water, which made the trip more challenging with the wood in the water. On our second day on the river, we helped rescue a father and son from the river where they had capsized and gotten into trouble. God had us at the right place and right time to be able to help them. They ended up joining our group for the rest of the trip and we enjoyed their company.

Two highlights of the Deep Adventure trips were our full women’s trip and the teen canoe trip. It was great to cook, serve and teach other women and encourage them to learn new skills. We had beautiful, calm weather for our teen trip and there was a lot of swimming, fishing and playing in the water. Our theme on these trips was about our identity in creation and “Being designed with a purpose”.

The past summer was a full season and we are very thankful God has brought the people to us to have a successful season to build on. God is so faithful to provide all we need for instructors, gear and participants.

I hope you would consider joining us for a deep adventure to encounter God in the wilderness next summer. We have an exciting new line up and an expanded youth canoe program. We will have lots of variety from a marriage builder trip, Bloodvein River in Manitoba to the unique Athabasca Sand Dunes in the north.

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