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ASN Camps 2022

To the delight of the staff and colleagues, Youth Farm Bible Camp hosted the Adult Special Needs camp with great success for summer 2022. Stories filled the air as new and experienced staff laughed and encouraged one another through serving these amazing people. Many of us would testify that the Lord used these weeks to teach patience, selflessness and adaptability. Though our theme this year was on prayer, our campers taught and blessed us more than they understand.

Every camper was overjoyed to be there and showed their joy through big bear hugs! Our first game was musical chairs, and although some people were nervous, many joined in and showed their best dance moves! Learning to laugh and to simply bring a smile into a room was all that these people needed. Every week we would go to Fort Carlton, and there the campers had an amazing time trying on furs and walking around the wall at least 40 feet high. We also went swimming which was great, especially on the scorching hot days allowing us to cool off. It also created a childlike atmosphere as we witnessed these men and women enjoying themselves.

I witnessed a simple joy, heart and love in the lives of these individuals. Personally, watching people sing and dance at the chapel was one of my warmest memories. I recall one gentleman who was so content in the chapel and in worship that he brought his guitar to camp and insisted on joining the worship team where we could never stop him from his joy of singing.

At the end of the day, each cabin would gather together and have a devotion. As a cabin counsellor I watched the ladies in my cabin listen intently to the stories of the Bible. When the devotions would end, my cabin enjoyed hearing stories as I read from the Bible. For several of my campers that was their favourite time too, when I would read them to sleep.

At the end of the weeks, there may have been tears, but the memories and the hoedowns allowed people to carry the joy of the Lord back home as we kept their encouragement in our hearts. It was an honour to serve in this capacity as I relook at the summer. To the team at Youth Farm Bible Camp and to the campers who blessed me I am truly grateful to be included in this ministry.

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