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Kid's Camps 2022

In the summer of 2022 I started summer camp. This was my first time participating at a camp. I was a camp counsellor for the whole summer and got to experience all ages. We spent a lot of time outside doing a lot of activities from making cardboard fortresses and knocking them down with a huge water balloon slingshot and seeing which one was the strongest to playing soccer, jumping on the pillow and playing life-size clue.

I really enjoyed getting to know the kids throughout the weeks from creating that deep relationship with them to just being really silly. I loved watching them have fun. One of the weeks my girls and I had a dance party. I put on some music and we just danced and sang our hearts out in the cabin. it was so much fun. The other girl cabins beside us heard us and joined in. It’s the fun little things you do that you remember the most especially when we have the Bible study before we go to bed.

Sometimes the kids were too rowdy because of how excited they were to be here, but with some time I was able to calm them down so I could tell them about how Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

One evening at the end of the last night, we got a chance to take the kids up in the hayloft where we had lights setup along the inside of the barn along with bales to sit on. We had a worship and prayer night where we asked the Lord to come in and fill our hearts with His love. After the worship time we prayed for each of the kids individually and filled their hearts with joy and comfort. I am very happy with the experience all these kids have had and I can’t wait for them to more memories next year!

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