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Mexico Impact

In order to explain my experience at YFBC I will need to start from 15 years ago.

15 years ago, before having my first contact with who would be in the future a great blessing for me and my family, I was going through very difficult times since I was in serious economic problems, I had reached the bottom economically speaking. I had lost my job and had no fixed income and I had also lost my house my car and my stability.

I remember praying constantly for financial help, expecting God to send me money from heaven and I was desperate, but God had other plans and God wanted to teach me to depend on Him.

This is how a person, I do not remember who, told me about love ministries who accepted my request for a little house on the land that I was able to buy in payments.

That's how I met Mark Wurtz and his team who traveled from Canada just to build a house for a person in need. When Mark realized that i spoke English, he asked me if I could help him translate with a family that he was planning to visit the following year. I said yes, gladly and this became an annual event.

When Mark invited me to visit YFBC in Canada, it seemed impossible to me to travel so far since I had never traveled so far, not realizing that God was giving me the opportunity to learn how they serve Him at YFBC.

My experience was incredible. God granted me the opportunity to meet people who love God and want to serve Him and do His will, young people with a hunger for His word and eager to become pastors, leaders and preachers.

God allowed me to know and experience places I have only watched on television.

He granted me the opportunity to do things that when I saw it on television, I asked him in my heart to allow me to do at some time in my life, I mean the canoe trip and camping under the stars and the Northern Lights.

But especially from the moment I had contact with Mark I learned his motto love God and love people a motto that has become a daily goal in my life.

I am so grateful to my God and Mark for the opportunity I was given to be able to visit Canada and YFBC and be a part of this beautiful ministry.

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